Vegetable: Klaroen (Amaranthus)

Klaroen is a popular Surinamese vegetable. There are a few different types, a red version where the stems are red and the leaves are small. A green version where both the leaves and the stems are green.

This Surinamese vegetable is similar to spinach, it’s also known as Chinese spinach. It has a mild spinach like flavor. You can prepare the vegetable as you would prepare fresh spinach.


The botanical name is amaranthus. For as far as I was able to find out online this is the generic name used for a variety of greens. Amaranthus Chaurea seems to be the variety with the reddish stem which is often used in the Surinamese cuisine. However, there are many varieties of Amaranthus available.

Other names

Klaroen is also known as Chinese Spinach, Bayam, Bitekuteku, Hing Choi, Chaulai, Vleeta.

Klaroen and Surinamese Cuisine

In the Surinamese cuisine, klaroen is often stir fried. However, the vegetable works perfectly in salads as well. The younger leaves work well in salads, the older leaves are better stir fried. The young stems are edible as well. Check out my basic recipe for Surinamese Klaroen.

close-up of klaroen with red stem
close-up of klaroen with red stem

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